8 Famous Garhwali and Kumaoni Cuisines of Uttarakhand

Bhang ki chatni

This is a famous sauce of Uttarakhand. which is prepared from hemp seeds,cumin seeds,garlic leaves,tamarind,and salt. It enhances the taste of traditional pahadi cuisines when it served with them.

Gahat ke Paranthe

Gahat ki daal ke Paranthe is a famous breakfast dish of Uttarakhand.These paranthas are prepared by stuffing gahat ki daal in a mixture of wheat and mandua flour.It tastes better when served with desi ghee,bhang ki chatni,or homemade pickle.


This is a special type of pahadi cuisine. It is made up of different types of daals (lentils) that are soaked overnight. This soupy dish,when served with freshly cooked white rice,makes it more delicious.


Another exotic pahadi dish of Uttarakand. This dish is made out of mandua. Baadi have high nutritional value, and ready to cook dish. You need to boil water,add mandua in it and let it cook for few minutes. For more taste add ghee in it .


Chainsu is a protein rich gravy, made with black lentils(urad ki daal),and is a popular lunch option for pahadis . To make out this dish, you need to make a fine paste of daal.For better flavor you should make it in iron pot(lohe ki kadahi).


Thenchwani is made out from crushing the mountain raddish root and mountain potatoes.
Along with crushed ingredients we use different spices to flavour it. You can have thenchwani with rice as well as with chapatti/roti.

Kandali Saag

The main ingredient of this dish is ‘Kandaali’ also known as Bicchu Ghaas. Firstly we boiled the Kandali and is then converted into a fine pulp. Once it ready you can’t resist it.


It is a local sweet dish of pahadis. Which were made generally in pahadi weddings.
Ingredients used in this are jiggery,rice and mustard oil. Rice were soaked for atleast 3-4 hours and then grind the rice into powder and syrup made of jaggery mixed with the rice powder and make a thick paste. Then prepare small balls of that mixture and deep fried them .

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