🌳 China has its first residential building with a vertical forest

🌳 China has its first residential building with a vertical forest

What: the  first residential building with a vertical forest in China -Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex.

Who:Project Architect:Huang Yitao ( Stefano Boeri Architetti China)

The Idea:

The trees and shrubs on the facade of the residential building can absorb up to 22 tons of carbon dioxide and produce 11 tons of oxygen per year.



Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex, located in the city of Huanggang in Hubei province, is the very first Chinese Vertical Forest designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti China, fully completed and already home to the first tenants since a few weeks ago.

Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex covers an area of 4.54 hectares and consists of five towers, two of which are residential and designed as vertical forests. It’s a new green complex that integrates buildings for residences, hotels and large commercial spaces.

The creators believe the model “will radically transform the landscape of future cities and change people’s expectations”.

Materials: metall, beton, glass and the  greenery selected from local species:

  • 404 trees (the main trees are Ginkgo biloba, Osmanthus fragrans, Acer griseum, Ligustrum lucidum and  Chimonanthus praecox);
  • 4620 shrubs (the main middle shrubs and small shrubs are Hibiscus mutabilis, Elaeagnus pungens, Nandina domestica and  Euonymus alatus);
  • 2408 square metres of perennial grass, flowers and climbing plants like Ophiopogon bodinieri, Sedum lineare and Liriope spicata).


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