🎨🧭GPS art

🎨🧭GPS art

Who: Cartographer Jeremy Wood pioneered drawing with GPS to explore the expressive qualities of using his body as a geodesic pencil. The largest GPS drawing in the world was by Jeremy Wood. He painted a whole Halloween composition with a pumpkin, a witch’s hat, bats and ghosts. The huge image took up almost the entire UK, the length of the track is more than 9,5 thousand km!

What:  GPS Drawing

The idea: GPS Drawing is also known as GPS art, and Strava art) is a kind of art form, a method of drawing when an artist uses a global positioning system (GPS) device and follows a pre-planned route to create a large-scale image or text on a map.

How: GPS art originated with the development of the first running apps – that is, when mobile gadgets appeared that could track and record the movements of an athlete in real time. Now it is a whole movement that unites athletes from all over the world. In general, GPS art is a cool way to diversify your workouts, find additional motivation and communicate with other athletes.

The drawings that are created on the map using GPS tracking by fans of running (as well as cycling, swimming, walking or car trips) are called GPS art. They make up a route in advance, which adds up to a drawing, and record the track of their run or check-in using a smart watch or phone.

Materials and technologies: GPS trackers

Similar projects: Yassan

Media of the project:  gpsdrawing.com 

Auction|Shop| NFT:   http://www.tagfinearts.com/jeremy-wood.htm

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