💆‍♀️🤖Massage robotics

💆‍♀️🤖Massage robotics

What: the massage robot.

who: California’s Massage Robotics.

The Idea: A two-armed, seven-square-foot mega-bot that can understand verbal commands, is powered by a neural network of other robots with which it exchanges data in real time.

How: There’s an arm on each side of a motorized table. Both can be customized with massage-friendly hands (effectors) that, ultimately, look nothing like hands. In one demonstration, one holds what looks like a pair of rollerblade wheels, while the other has a sort of wide, soft squeegee.

The robot arms are voice-activated and can, according to Massage Robotics, respond to commands to move to the left or right or increase or decrease pressure. One would also hope that they respond to a forceful, “STOP!”

Massage robotics Model Mr-01 robot table is backed by the cloud to help you store favorite massage routines and share them with friends (who also happen to have this table?). It’s also using AI and Machine learning to, according to the company,” evolve,” and is “learning what humans like.”

Price: $310.000

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