🤖👻Tricking AI trough a poncho

🤖👻Tricking AI trough a poncho

Who:  German design studio WertelOberfell

What: the Ignotum poncho


The idea: The agency developed together with technical partners, created the Ignotum poncho/ The  AI Ignotum is about confusing artificial intelligences (AIs) that are used to analyse CCTV footage.


The engineers used cameras with an integrated object detection algorithm MobileNetV2, trained with COCO dataset. They developed a digital mannequin and tested it with hundreds of clothing variations in a virtual environment.

The researchers then designed several real-world samples of costumes with LED ribbons. The result was a three-layer more cape with embedded technical components capable of reducing AI recognition accuracy under various conditions to the point where further image processing is impossible.

Materials and technologies:

Ignotum is designed in layers – the base layer, which gives it a basic stability, a semi-transparent second layer that creates in union with the base a moirée effect (to further enhance the AI confusion), and all interlaced with the technical components like power cables, PCBs, LEDs and light fibres.

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