Nations which can challenge India with their nuclear weapons

After the dreadful blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, world kind of banned using nuclear weapons, but nuclear threat is a part of diplomacy and geopolitics in the modern world. Here is the list of nations which have assured that they have nuclear weapons.


Russia has largest number of nuke arsenal with approximately 7000 nuclear warheads


Arch rival of Russia, U.S is not behind, with 6.8k nuclear warheads U.S is number two.


Once world leader is also not behind, U.K has 200-215 nuclear warheads.


France is on third spot but only 300 nuclear warheads give sign of the sheer dominance of U.S and Russia.


Is it possible that largest army of world (in numbers) and one of most aggressive nations would not have nuclear weapons? China has 270 nuclear warheads.


Pakistan started production of nuclear weapons in 70s provoked when India started making their own, but never declared officially until 90s, when a news broke out that Abdul Qadeer khan, a official in Paksitan’s nuclear program confessed that they have sold important nuclear weapon technology (mainly gas centrifuge technology) to North Korea, Iran, Libya. When India started their nuclear program, then PM of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto once said “We will develop Nuclear stockpiles, even if we have to eat grass.” Paksitan has 120-130 nuclear warheads.


India has 110-120 nuclear warheads, which are enough considering the aim is quite smaller! 😉

North Korea also has nuclear warheads but the quantity is unknown.

Countries like Israel, Iran and Libya are suspected to have nuclear weapons too, but haven’t declared anything yet, may be they are waiting for a icebreaker moment.

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