👔Study: The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie

👔Study: The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie

Who: Thomas  Fink and Yong Maodeveloped the definitive catalogue of tie knots – The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie,

The idea: The reaserchers found out that it is possible to screw on as many as the 85 different knots.


Of the 85 possible tie knots that can be tied with a tie of conventional length, the following are of particular interest. The first number is the number of the knot, as catalogued in the Summary of Knots in The 85 Ways and at the bottom of this page. Some of the knots have close cousins with which they are often confused (not including mirror images). These typically involve the transposition of one or more L-R pairs. They are indicated by prefixing the name of their relation with ‘co-‘, as in co-Windsor.

Materials and technologies: Knots

Similar projects: none

Media of the project: http://www.tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/~tmf20/tieknots.shtml

Auction|Shop|NFT:   none

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