The most unusual and weird jobs in india

  1. Road side dentist: India being a large and diverse country, people do fulfill their living by many means being a road side dentist is one of them. These are illiterate but experienced people who do their job quite cost effectively

  1. Manual sewer cleaner: This is the most deadly one when compared to other; they dive into the sewers and clean the sewers. Delhi government has recently banned this practice as many cases of deaths had registered and considered it as culpable homicide

  1. Crime scene cleaner: The sole job these people is to clean blood spills, body fluids or other infectious materials after murder, assault, suicide or homicide.

  1. Grave digger: Grave diggers dig graves (that’ what their name suggests).

  1. Professional mourners: These people are paid to cry in funeral services. These people are paid mourners and popularly known as Rudalis. You must’ve seen them in a Radio mirchi’s ad.

  1. Human scarecrows: Scarecrows are very famous tool to scare the birds but in many hotels and palaces there are employed men who have a job of carrying flags with an emblem of crossed-out birds, “nawabi shauk”!

  1. Ear cleaner: You must’ve seen them wandering on the streets if you are an Indian or ever been to India. They exist for a long period of time in Indian history.

  1. Ball inspector: Ball inspector inspects all the cricket balls before they are used in international matches. Each and every ball should have appropriate weight and size and being fans of cricket most of Indians would love this job.

  1. Pet food taster: This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, to taste something which is for dogs. Gross, eh?

  1. Paid shoppers: Have you ever heard of a job where you get paid for shopping for someone? From doing grocery shopping to wardrobe shopping, you get paid for shopping for your employer.

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