Things which are discovered or invented in India

Being the oldest civilization of world, many simple and complex thing were invented in India. Some of the things which you might not have thought invented in India are listed below.


Probably everyone knows that



Buttons were invented in India. Yes, our shirt’s buttons.

The ruler

It would not be a surprise as Indian were/are so good in maths.


Chess was invented in India.

Diamond mining

Until 19th century India was only known source of diamonds hence we were inventor of diamond mining.


Not only zero, Indians invented pi and calculated value of pi as well.

Trigonometry, algebra, calculus

Indians are always good in mathematics. No wonder trigonometry, algebra and calculus, of which students are most afraid discovered in India.


People in India did had knowledge of medical. Sushruta was the inventor of surgery. Cataract surgery and plastic surgery were discovered in India.

Water on the moon

Water on moon is the recent achievement of India. Chandrayaan found water sample on moon surface.


Well that’s the reason we do have so many home recipes .

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