🧐🗞Exam paper vetted by Elon Mask

🧐🗞Exam paper vetted by Elon Mask

Who:  Former University of Pennsylvania student Brian Thomas

What: The exam paper graded by Ilon Musk


The idea: A former UPenn student just sold some of his college assignments at auction



The student, Brian Thomas, had dug up the papers from a course called “Entrepreneurship: Implementation and Operations” that was taught at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1995, according to RR Auction, which sold the papers. Musk was a teaching assistant for the class.  This includes the buyer’s premium RR Auction receives for the sale.

Materials and technologies:


Similar projects: none

Media of the project:


Auction|NFT:   RR Auction

Sold for: $7,753.

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