🗿 Polistirolo sculptures

🗿 Polistirolo sculptures

what: sculpture as it from polistirol.

Who The famous contemporary sculptor Fabio Viale. After all, this man’s true passion is visual provocation. Fabio believes that real art should destroy prejudices, stereotypes, erase boundaries. Through his experiments, the artist shows that art, like everything in life, should not be taken too seriously. You can (or even must) touch the sculptures at his exhibitions! Without inspection it is very difficult to believe that the pieces are carved from a block of solid rock.

The idea:  Fabio has created an abstract sculpture in marble, giving the impression that the object is made of polystyrene granules, foam plastic.

How: The marble is the key to everything. He used the robot as a chisel and have to try to make the most of it – to take this tool to the limit. Usually he works with laboratory Corsellini in Carrara; it is the only one that doesn’t need a scan. This gives to Fabio 360 degrees of freedom of action, possibilities that had never existed before.

Materials: The legendary Carrara marble, mined in the Apennines, near Tuscany. This deposit has been known since the times of ancient Rome for its snow-white plastic marble of the highest quality. This stone, like no other, lends itself to fine jewelry and carving

Similar Projects: Gioconda, 2011

Media: http://www.fabioviale.it

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