Metro that crash-landed on whale statue

Metro that crash-landed on whale statue

“Tails of the Whales” is a polyester work by the sculptor Martin Streis. It was installed at the end of the subway station in Rotterdam in 2002.

Last night in the suburbs of Rotterdam (Netherlands) at the De Akkers station a subway train went off the overpass, but it was saved by a huge monument in the form of a whale tail, on which the car was hanging.

The train was empty and headed for the depot, the driver failed to brake in time, the train broke through the railing and flew beyond the scaffolding, but on the way of the train, after a few meters of emptiness was a massive piece of sculptural group in the form of whale tails, one of which took the hit and bore the weight of the head car. Such a random new art object.

Social media users are already reacting with all kinds of homemade art. Art and life are so organic sometimes that you don’t know where it’s an act of chance, where it’s pure fakery, and where it’s an accurate creative intent. But it’s beautiful.

Wheel tails without train

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