🌠The unusual startups

🌠The unusual startups

Sometimes you look at a site that embodies someone else’s crazy idea and wonder, “How did this even work?”

What Million Dollar Homepage

the idea :pixels for sale, inexpensive.

How there is a site with an image of 1000×1000 pixels, which in total gives us a million pixels, each of which can be for your advertising banner (1 pixel = $ 1), thus justifying the name of the site.

What Diedinhouse

The Idea: Checking what happened to the former owners

How:many potential buyers do not want to take an apartment, if someone died in it or conducted illegal activities, but unscrupulous realtors do not always report such information, but this site will expose the fraud. If you possess such information – you can make some easy money.

What RentaFrieand

Idea : rent a friend

how: if you have ever thought that you are good for nothing – we want to make you happy, you can be a great friend for rent! You can choose to be a pen pal or take part in a foam party. Prices don’t bite.

What Mike Merrill

The idea: Selling your soul through stocks

How :the eponymous startup was launched in 2008, the young man estimated his soul at 100 thousand dollars, started selling “shares of himself” for a dollar apiece, and since then all the decisions in his life takes the board (he still kept some shares for himself).

What: BlackSocks

the Idea: – a sock subscription.

How: Yes, that’s right, for a modest price, a fresh batch of brand new socks will be delivered to your house each month.

what I Do, Now I Don’t 

the idea Craig list for fine jewelery.

How Josh Opperman’s was engaged for three months when his finacée left him. He was devastated–a feeling compounded by his attempt to return the ring to the jeweler. They said they’d give him $3,500 for the ring he got for $10,000.

After this he established I Do, Now I Don’t to rectify this, and it became a raging success. It offers sellers a way to get fair price for their rings, and buyers to get a big discount off retail prices.

It also solves the problem of quality assurance: the site acts like escrow for the rings. Once an item sells, the company holds the money, has the jewelry checked out by a certified gemologist, and only passes the item on if it matches the quality outlined by the seller.

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